Taxi Card

Camilla Card

Rechargeable prepaid card

Camilla Card is a prepaid, rechargeable or pay-as-you-go card that you can carry with you at all times, just like any other credit card.
You can always use it on all 4242 taxi.

How to recharge it
Once you run out of credit, to recharge it just go to our office at 44/c Valdinievole Street (Novoli area). Soon it will be possible to recharge it directly online.

How to request it
For information, contact us at 055 410133.

Cab Vouchers

Cab Vouchers are a convenient and easy way to pay for our service.
This is a booklet of coupons to be filled out at the end of the ride and given to the taxi driver, for subsequent billing.

For info contact us at 055 410133